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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  December 26, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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>> credit rating was reduced. >> we don't want to end up like europe. lou: great to see you both. now time for your h comments. writing into their hope barack obama gets all the taxes he wants. i'll be the first to say i toldd you so when the consequence happens.n t people learn the hard way.n obama never negotiate, he just demands something of complaints. when he doesn't get what he wants. he is far more mature than that, don't you think? we will keep thinking about that. thank you for your comments. we love hearing from you. that is it for us, thank you for being with us, we will see you tomorrow night. >> a massive winter storm
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wreaking havoc bringinocg with t blinding snow and devastating tornadoes, at least six people are dead, over 1000 flights canceled nationwide stranding holiday travelers and now worries things could get a lot worse.ling welcome, everybody, i am eric bolling in for neil cavuto, we're tracking a deadly winter storm making its way towards east coast. across the south and southwest at least 34 twisters leveling homes in mississippi more than 25 people injured, at least 70g. homes damaged in that number expected to rise. the storm knocking out power to more than 200,000 homes ande businesses, and if you're trying to fly home after thee christmas visit, you could be out of luck. more than 1000 flights already canceled today and we're all over it in a very snowy
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indianapolis. chicago o'hare keeping track of all the flight delays and here in the fox weather center. go ahead, what is the latest? >> we are here i on the south se of indianapolis, eric, and we just had the main part of the storm blow through. the storm pretty much done but we're still having troubles with wind. we're on the side of one of the interstates, i 65 going of the through indianapolis north and south of chicago and louisville. the traffic getting by pretty quickly, but we drove through this earlier today in the bulkpe of the day, and a lot of cars off the road, a lot of people oa the day afterds christmas wanted to get out, get home, got on the road and it was so bad they giv could barely move and a lot are sliding off. the snow i am in right now is not toono deep. we got 9 inches aroundindi
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indianapolis and we had ae situation with a live shot. a semi truck stuck next to us. there is so much snowfall, who was so bad during the day they could not get any of it out. we will still see a lot of cleanup in the indianapolis are area. eric: thank you very much, thans you. to the fox news weather center with the very latest. i think joe pointed something important out, the backside of the storm the snow came with cold weather behindit it. >> temperatures in the single md digits and teens across minnesota, the dakotas. temperatures very cold in areas we are not currently experiencing the winter weather in terms of heavy snowfall but the storm has everything. severe weather, tornadoes, a lot severe weather, tornadoes, a lot
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the south on christmas day people had their homes damaged t in reports of many injuries and even fatalities from the storm system heading toward the northeast so many of those images out of indiana will be across pennsylvania and upstate new york and into new englandino throughout the overnight hours and also heading into tomorrow so storm system still very powerful and still bringing quite a punch. thego good news for tornadoes, e threat is getting diminished. we hate me to watch in effect, still in effect until 5:00 p.m. eastern time across northeastern carolina and south carolina butu that threat is winding down. blizzard warnings in effect, those have been allowed tohere expire, a blizzard warning out here still very much in effect, very strongds wind gusting 30, 40 miles per hour perusing whiteout conditions on the roadway. not recommended you are on the road is right now.
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blizzard warning across the northern part of the state, the winter storm warning in effect across the state of ohio and all across portions of the northea northeast, the whiteout conditions in o cleveland with over a foot of snow in that city will be the story again in pennsylvania, upstate new york and new england. along the coast could see a slushy coating, but not as bad, just an inch or two if anything, will not see a winterr storm warning, just a lot of rain. could reach 60 miles per hour, so that in itself is a huge eric: a lot to think about especially with those congresspeople for christmas trying to get back. daniel baker, joining me now by phone.fl what if there are a bunch of shut in airports across thema
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northeast and these congresspeople have to get back toyb washington, d.c., maybe foa vote. que will they be able to? >> it is unknown at this point.u this is a big storm and it hasn't even hit. the full impact of the d.c. area, a lot worse before it gets better. when looking at 40, 50 miles per hour in the new york area already seeing ddlays. the runways and taxi rate, we will not see dave and days we have seen in the past winter storms this will delay going on all day.e some of the delays they are experiencing in the northeast from chicago, dallas and the brunt of the storm really hasn't hit the northeast yet.
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eric: results can be across the entire united states, right? f >> will hit in the evening rush in new york and continue on for the evening.ed already hundreds of flights arriving late, thousands that are 45 minutes late and that d more delays an throughout the day. join 1240th flight cancellations so far., that is not even too much in the new york area. it is dallas, chicago, those numbers will i stack up in the northeast and new york this afternoon. the good news is as long as they can take the delays and get can take the delays and get later things will die down and hope is we can is be'll back to normal tomorrow morning. eric: give us some advice. b we want to get back to work and we are hearing about all these delays and cancellations, what should we do?fect >> if you think you will be
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affected, flying to, from or within the northeast this evening, either you have to be very patient and willing tor accept delays are going to the airline's website right now and every airline is offering free changes to anyone who may be affected, so if you're going throughhr these airports go onle for free without talking to anybody, o what we are going to fly over the weekend so you can have a little bit more time where you are and not spend your entire holiday season around the airport and it won't cost you anything either. g eric: great advice. thank you very much, sir. all right, you're looking live at honolulu where president obama will be president obama will be deadlock. but i it's something he said to john boehner leaving any room for compromise? if politicians don't take us over the cliff, will the unions? what the they're planning this k in from boston to houston
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threatening to strike you in the wallet.
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eric: read the headlines and they say that president is giving up his vacation takes toe a fiscal cliff deal, but is there any room for negotiation? let's talk about it a little bit. >> the president is heading back to washington to attempt a last-ditch effort with speaker boehner to forge some compromise to avert a fiscal cliff which will kick in in six days if nothing isone done. those are the headlines are we talking about is cutting his vacation short in tha and that l well and good. is there anything that can be done because they really seem to be at an impasse before christmms, the republicans in the houseors, imploded and a ve, very tight spot and i suspect if there is to be a deal it'll be a pretty on powering one for all involved.
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eric: john boehner, putting it up on the screen. $800 billion in tax revenue on the table, allegedly the table, allegedly said you get nothing for free. >> there were a couple of eye-opening quotes. went through the timeline of how went through the timeline of how boehner and the president and that was an big one. boehner print revenues on the table andd the president saying that is what i get out of the gate, you get nothing for that, kind of a bit of a surprise. he also said if we go over the t cliff that threat and boehner, i will use my inaugural address to blame you for tax increases and for the fiscal cliff going o overboard.un that is putting out some prettys big guns.
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that is a historic moment for the president and if he is threatening to use that to play a partial parlo politics, that s significant. eric: how did they get to the point where the speaker brought a boat or tried to bring a t bo, how did they not see that coming? >> there is a big deal, two different sides of thesee negotiations. the big deal everybody was hoping for. it appears to have beeneh totaly stalled. boehner has to say what is my plan b.?ced a planet close embrace, what happens is john boehner cannot get enough of his to get on board to have the votes and close helo was actually putting the votes against her own plan amongde democrats. o amongde democrats. o well for pelosi. it is dysfunctional, both
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parties are really not covering themselves, and here we stand. eric: the president in washington tonight. got some breaking news maybe can cover for us from the speaker and the office said we already have a couple of deals on the table, it is your turn, senate. >> that is where the ball is going now. speaker and the majority leader eric cantor are leaving out is all i is go to the senate because the speaker could be ate the job done last thursday night with plan b. e plan a is essentially the big deal, fortran dollars debt plan speaking a short time ago to a white house official who says they still believe th they move halfway towards republicans starting out only one interest tax in $250,000 above. they have moved that goalpost to
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$400,000 or more. speaker john boehner moved away from that saying it should be a from that saying it should be a or more, he brought it up and had to pull it back because it did not have enough republicans. frustration among them that they were jumping through hoops trying to get a deal and now the president on vacation in hawaii basically no progress. they understand that rea. eric: when did you know he was going to come back? >> we knew two or three days it was likely he was going to comel back. he wanted to spend family time yesterday and go to the marine base because it was a christmas vacation to thank the troops but they knew pretty quickly was going to have to get back. he is here in sunny hawaii.
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not just taxes going up, 2 million people unemployed are about a to lose their employment insurance if there is no deal here. the final point i make, ats white house official the president is's going back now tonight, what is on his agenda, what did he dotl differently he couldn't do on the telephone in hawaii?th they have nothing on the schedule yet, they don't know if he will ringleader bring leadere white house.e does he wait until friday? the bottom line is the clock is ticking every single leve levere president has pulled has not worked. eric: thank you very much. the president reported i get that for c free comment, grover norquist joins us now. let's stay on this other thing. they have known for a couple of days the president would likely,
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leave hawaii, fly in, drop and washington, d.c., and try to save america from falling off the fiscal cliff. how does the president when this optics war, grover? >> it is all politics. he has not put a proposal on the table that makes any sense. republicans have actually passen plan a, bu the ryan budget, the ryan plan. ent saving transit dollars over the decade. it reforms taxes, does not raise it, reforms that without raising taxes on people. so that is a plan that is passed in the house of representatives in the house of representatives republicans in the senate. the alternative to that is nothing. eric: we know that will not pass the senate and we know the white house will not sign it. here is what my contention has been. allow me. work with me. very important question at the
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end of this. we go off the cliff, all the tax cuts expire, sequestration,ick whatever. here is the question though. if president obama then says i will put in the tax cuts for anybody making under $250,000 per year, call it obama taxll r cuts, will republicans say no to voting for a tax cut? >> the interesting question is with. interesting question is we are at the beginning of a conversation, not the end of thd conversation. we have to decide what to do with the bush tax cuts.o -- we have to decide to deal with a trillion dollars of obamacare increases.llars of obamacare very few people are talkingre's about this come a trillion dollars of tax increases obama and the democrats passed before th be last election and 90% of those tax hikes were delayed, conveniently. the president got himself safelyse reelected.ion
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and then we have the massive spending, $8 trillion in debt obama is running up over the next decade. republicans have several schools. right now they have very little leverage onra this debate over e fiscal cliff because that stuff happens automatically, but the idea of a debt ceiling increasef they told obama more than once if you want a trillion dollars, you will need that eight times in the next decade they will have to cut spending a trillion have to cut spending a trillion eric: i'm a republican, congressman, senator tax pledge to not raise taxes. teo if somebody approaches me and says here is a bill that says if youhi sign this we will cut taxn for 98%, how can you say no to that? my point is this. the administration is winning the war of optics. if they played it this way, do they not win? >> they won the war of optics so far because everything has beene done. done inside closed walls.nd f
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if c-span, fox are able to videotape the negotiations, the kind of thing we're learning now about obama that i have no interest in cutting spending, just want tax increases. he has been lying about his negotiating position. k if people knew that, there is serious unhappiness on his lack of seriousness with cutting spending. on if the negotiations from here of out are on c-span, the president if we keep havingin secrete meetings, he loses because the establishment buys his story. eric: way in on the increased revenues, president obama coming back and saying no, get those fo or free. >> i've only been through this three times.s to
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reagan put tax increases on the table, democrats took the tax increases and spending went up. bush was offered $2 for tax increases for every dollar of, $2 of, spending cuts, spending cuts never happened, tax increases. john boehner was offered 121. not only are they phony, they get smaller. negotiation to walk into. eric: we have to leave it there, grover norquist, thank you. imagine every ship in port for massachusetts to texas shut down, nothing gets in or out. if they don't get their way, will everybody pay? this family used capital one venture miles to come home for the holidays.
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>> forget the fiscal cliff. eric: forget the fiscal cliff, what about a container cliff and what that might do to the economy. a a nasty standoff between union workers and the companies could cripple the nation. unless two groups reach a deal, theyun planted strike down plano strike this weekend.if if the strike happened, some reports estimate for a billion dollars per day.
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>> there's no question, use the righte words, cripple the economy. the backbone of the trade on the export and import, eric. about $100 billion or more comes in and out where you have to have these strikes. co it is very devastating and could reverberate throughout thees country. food distributors, everybody would be affected by this strike if it goesrd forward. eric: what do the unions want and what is management willing to do, how far apart are these two groups? >> normally in a dispute with the unions it is about wages and benefits in this case it is not. what the unions are objecting to with reports i have been seeingu is new work rules andort deficiencies that support
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systems want to put in place too make the port more productive to lower-cost, that is what i- s happening. it is happening in every industry in america and they are doing those kind of things that could take one worker rather than two. the unions hate it. eric: i think of the hostess to strike, the big thanksgiving strike happening on the west coast during the busy travel. time, back-to-school time, andet these unions with relatively few amount of people, workers, laborers, members are crippling big portions of the americanport economy. >> it is because they are riding on a high horse. the unions had a good election in 2012 in november and now they wanty payback. they feel they have politicians in n high places not just the white house but congress and some of the state legislatures
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that will back them and in these demands.gero it is very dangerous situation the economy, but also you think industries you mentioning, the public employee unions, what do they have in common? they're not making money, postal service virtually bankruptedoney them a few years ago. the only way they can succeed i going to the white house andquic others. eric: people are askin asking oo step in, could he do anything here? >> they have intervened in a lot of these kind of cases, so the answer to that question is yes.t they elected the president, this
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is an ongoing story, a dangerous situation and we don't know what the outcome will be. it is a darn shame. 65% eric: some estimates up to 65% of america's national trade could be at risk. a live look at cleveland, holiday travel nightmare getting worse by the minute. u anpd update and snap, cher, sue. dropping the new policy afterr users like kim kardashian raiser a stink so why is another using california suing?
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eric: folks keep digging out the flight delays keep racking up, 1300 flights canceled so far so this winter storm. chicago o'hare airport with the very latest. mike. >> they talk about the flight cancellations, let me start you out with good news. the mega ripple slowing downhe flights all the way out to los angeles didn't happen. i can tell you the places you see the cancellationres are with the destination. ohio, michigan, indiana stretching all the way out to the eastern seaboard if the city is sucked in, that is where the flights are being canceled. still a very serious storm, six people killed, mostly people whw elected to get out on the lik
8:32 pm
roadways. iow these are states like iowa, indiana, illinois with more than a foot of snow pouring down. all those people trying to get home now between them and home e windw, ice and gale forc gusts up to 50 miles per hour. also whipping up a number of tornadoes.tes. we have places like church, they missed midnight mass, several churches destroyed, lots of structures destroyed, and hundreds of thousands of people without power and the storm is still at work up to the easternt seaboard. eric: thank you very much. from chicago to philadelphia were 150 flights have been canceled at philadelphia international airport alone. >> hi, how are you? it had upwards of 200 flightser canceled today as a result of
8:33 pm
the weather here and elsewhere. we strongly recommend everybody check with airlines on the status of the flight of their traveling were coming to the airport to pick somebody up. eric: to kee we keep on hearing headed this way. certainly lots of flights wouldm be affected coming from the northern corridor, do you expect a lot more?n >> we have affected by weather here and elsewhere and in thea midwest states a lot of delays, delays arriving and departing flights. we're experiencing rain. we're experiencing rain. fortunate. eric: give travelers a sense of what they should do. keep calling, stay on.gest what would you suggest travelers do?
8:34 pm
>> three important things, check with your airline on the status of a flight. other airlines are very good at communicating with travelers when they make adjustments to their s schedule, canceling any flights, they are communicatingc directly with their passengers. we have a toll-free flight information number, 1-800 1-800-745-4283 with up-to-date information and arrival information. i our website has up-to-date travel information on arrivingat and departing flights. we want people to be safe, take your time, all yourself enough time to catch the airport and check in. if you're coming to pick somebody up, we have display units in the parking lot.
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eric: she spoke and they reversed. taking back the terms to sell user photos after an uproar erupted. whawhy is one user still suingih singer photos stay with them even after they deactivate your account? they say we believe thisho complaint is without merit and we fight it vigorously. but is there a legal batte batte here? is there? i take a picture, i want to get myself off into ram, they can keep my image, is that legal? >> it is, but if you look at the privateprivacy policy, it says y clearly they can change any of the requirements with or without notice and if you are a user, you accept the changes to the
8:36 pm
policy. it is a win-win situation for instant ram when you look at that disclaimer. eric: do i have any recourse? >> sure.he there's a class-action lawsuit, and eric, i know you're a great social media guide. imagine if your picture picture is takn and posted on the instagram and use as a disservice somewhere,ff they are using her likeness and it is your picture, so it is very interesting even with the privacy policy they have maden changes and when you enter into joining and using it, you agree to those terms.ave of course you have a right and the cause of action againstn yo them.
8:37 pm
eric: maybe even sells the data, isn't it the same thing? tha >> if you recall, they have a class-action lawsuit about that ford advertisement and selling your information to companies and i think they settled for $915 million to make that go away because it was. wrong. agr i have to disclose that to you ahead of time and you have to knowingly agree to that. they cannot contractually agree to any of those terms but they do not block them from using it, so there's always a possibility they will pay, they have to be very careful and user-friendly but when they tried to capitalize, it is a problem. eric: is there a way to opt out of this? i can opt out of some of theeals privacy deals we thought we werw making. can i do that with instan insta?
8:38 pm
>> based on information out there, you can opt in or opt out there, you can opt in or opt out they violate so there are measures being taken. no but once a word is spoken it is but once a word is spoken it is same in the social media realm. posting a picture, it is really for those to tak who take a loo, especiallyes because a lot of te social media companies are very sophisticated. sophisticated. this clear you use the site, this is the property and subject to some changes and that is why the policy exists as it is. you are subject to the continuation of a privacy policy change as it becomes certain ani certainly changed in this case so it will be a big legal battle. eric: w the fact instagram chane their mind midstream have ar effect on the lawsuit? >> you're not supposed to get in
8:39 pm
those issues. if you repair the sidewalk but could not bring that into show your sidewalk was a problem before. in this case the evolution of the privacy policy will come in and the idea they can change it arbitrarily looking at it very closely at the biggest issue in closely at the biggest issue in policy is a spokesperson as saying that it's noisnot what we meant, anay that is what it says, and so how can you opt in or out of tn you opt in or out of know what they're actually asking you to agree to? >> essentially it will be private policy change and it certainly looks pretty clear when you look at it, says very clearly this will be something that is changed and subject to change.rtis in terms of advertisement, litigations cost a lot of money, no announcement of wrongdoing. he tried to battle these type of
8:40 pm
things, they do represent facebook. it is a change, an issue. eric: i am sure they want this to go away asap. thank you, guys. ahead of all those returnsre today, new numbers are out, did christmas shoppers leave retailers down and out? but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates f chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache.
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e nation's fear of falling eric: the nations fear of falling is growing. nearly half the nation thinks congress and the president would be unable to reach a deal in time. no deal means major tax changes for just about every american you broke it down, could you do it one more time for us? >> taxes are going up for almoso everyonest immediately. it likely will take a toll on already stressed family budgetsw for those whose taxes to go up, this is the average tax hit families will pay on top of what they already pay on texas.ea below $10,000, average of $300 more. down the chart at it, thoseth between $40,000-$50,000, they will pay an extra $1700. the next, an extra $2300 to send to washington. if you manage to make over $200,000 that income will be a c
8:44 pm
big jump up, send a check to uncle sam for about 14,000 additional dollars. let's look at the highest wage earners, those numbers. they will pay an average of $34,000 more. over a million coming irs will need you to spend additional money on top of what you already pay on texas. a wealth manager director says families may need to do an austerity cut collation if we're making big purchases. look at the money you have a look at the money you'll need and decide if you will really needif that next big purchase.of eric: thank you for all the good news. the threat of those tax hikes already hit a main street, shoppers are staying clear of stars. coincidence?inci coincidence?inci as holiday shopping season is on track to be the worst in four years. some analysts calling it the love season before all those returns being made today.t
8:45 pm
think again, this was going to be a big season and all we a her about is tax increases january l and guess what happens, christmas sales are down worse in four years. >> a lot of things play into this in particular. in fact, we talked to quite a few conservatives who also agree we should just go over the fiscal cliff. we're hearing a lot of discussion barack obama wants that, but the people getting hit the hardest are those most vulnerable in our society. if we're going to cut the sizeia and scope of government, perhaps we should go over the fiscal cliff so people understand government spending is out of control and may start to ask the questions being asked at the f round table and kitchen tables ofam every family white christms sales are so low.
8:46 pm
they're saying how can i make a major purchases in this economye people are cutting back and want government to do the same thing but something else is playing into why you are seeing christmas sales go so low this christmas season. a lot believe if we are going to say happy holidays perhaps those people who say it is any other holiday should support the economy as a result they are not buying the gifts they need to buy. they are talking to their families about a other things tn gifts.e. eric: stay on this a little bit, if we do go over the fiscal cliff, texas will go up. going up for every income level across the board. but down the road, is that the only way we get our fiscal house back in order?
8:47 pm
>> we're back down to the law, this is only a fe if you shouldy for massive government is unfair to those few. there is no guarantee wealthy people will keep their money in thison country so if we're going to have a bloated government, everybody should feel the pinch. that is the half that will find out exactly what government costs if we go over this cliff. eric: it seems that is where we are headed.k about a half a minute or so. no, >> how can he fix the fiscal cliff. saying i'll even give up texas. eric: fair and balanced: the mimetic horsemen
8:48 pm
joining me now. you are very icy on the way in u here. said you and i are going to get together on the house of the floor and come up with a deal. no fiscal cliff. >> we have to work it out. we are hopeful we can get that eric: speaker john boehner came up with $800 billion, saying it is all mine. that doesn't seem like a fair negotiation. w >> the problem is that the speaker has indicated before weo broke that he had votes, his plan be. the speaker said i have the votes. we were on the floor of the house waiting for the vote to happen, waite we did it to see e place and we t heard word theyt would be no more votes, the speaker didn't have the votes. i talked to a number of my colleagues, they're very upset
8:49 pm
their college who did not support the speaker. s eric: fair enough, they made a mistake. escobar to what plan they actually was. actually was. schumer plan but said tax people making over a d million dollars. it is basically in essence that plan all of a sudden they don't. want that one either. if you pass this thing, we will not move. >> during the campaign it was $250,000. it was hiss position. he showed a willingness to move. the speaker to his credit wouldn't move, the speaker has been trying to move, and to
8:50 pm
speaker wants to get a deal, but he has to convince individuals within his conference to support him. eric: throughout this process first is going to be $600 billion, what started this whole mess was a breakdown in the debt ceiling negotiations. the super committee, and did this didn't happen would go into sequestration. president obama said $600 billion, john boehner was going to sign the deal.n >> the problem we have now is a problem we haveld then of if he could have the the number they'v they have come to right now basically about $500 million. cost on all sides. we should be able to get a deal if john boehner can get the support and get the votesvo he
8:51 pm
wants. eric: they said no, we can't do it. >> can't wait till that is fair >> can't wait till that is fair john boehner has been doing it. just hoping for support from his colleagues. eric: are going to have to leave it there. murder have under a stateg ov department official resigning over the benghazi attacks? why does this to say he's working for the government?
8:52 pm
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eric: we just got some breaking news from toyota motors, according to our friends at the "wall street journal" settled a class-action lawsuit about acceleration $1.1 billion, we will keep our eye on that stock. wthe figures outraged initially the report a spontaneous protest over at that video? wait until the critics hearsecr this. resigning his post on the attack is reportedly still working for the government and the other through officials suspended are
8:55 pm
slated to return to their jobs.r they're still working for the government. b >> they said heads are to roll. things are really going to happen. here's not a shock. no accountability, lack of consequences, doesn'tce happen. eric: apparently the assistant secretary of state changed jobs, went across the office and to another desk. >> exactly. also kind of parse the words.o a very difficult to get fired from the federal government. it is a very secure long-term
8:56 pm
position. no matter how egregious the problems are, and that's report pointed out a series ofhis systematic failures taking place over a long period of time. acc according to the admiral, that according to the admiral, that road. thi instead of resigning, most people think of resigning as you hand in the letter, what that really meant is he has to hand it in over the political punishment, the other three are just being reassigned, put on ice. this is nothing new. i don't want to make it sound but this is the first time it has ever happened. eric: it reminds me fast and furious situation where there are a couple of agents in the field along the border and we have heard they were being fired or let go, they were told and
8:57 pm
the justice department bring them back to washington, d.c., to work at a desk instead of a field. >> the people just being sort of repositioned as it were, whether it was that or whether it is something as serious as this are people lost their lives, the process unfortunately means you get shuffled around, but it is unfortunately indicative of the way this administration oddly has been b doing with the benghi issue from the start. there seems to be an inability to speak the truth. assuming he is gone, really what he did, again, political app appointment. others will end up in other jobs. what should happen is that secretary of state should have stepped down.
8:58 pm
it was her department, her responsibility. this whole story has been about6 run.whole story has been about6 eric: we have to leave it there. mike, have got to leave it there. a see you in a couple of minutes.
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